LTRharvester @ the BAT cave

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input provide FASTA-formatted nucleotide sequences for LTRharvester (max upload: 10MB total)

options include 5nt-long oligos before and after each sequence to simulate a TSD - these are not removed by us afterwards

news and updates

05.07.16 | maintenance
24.03.11 | service is up


A simple but useful interface to LTRharvest (not our tool, see reference in PubMed), which quickly looks for LTR retrotransposon structures in DNA sequences. Just upload nucleotide sequences that you suspect or know contain LTR retrotransposons, and if they do, you get a GFF with a breakdown and coordinates, and a FASTA-formatted file with the full-length sequences.

hosted at the Bioinformatics Analysis Team / BAT